Iroko Holistic

Wellness Centre

natural remedies for your health and peace of mind


Iroko Holistic Wellness Centre is dedicated to providing authentic and natural solutions to some of the health challenges that affect the body.

About Us

Iroko Holistic Centre has we know it today has traverse important phases to get here. The founder Mr. Sulemane having studied well under his Father who was a very prominent herbalist before his demised, he (Mr Sulemane) has not rested on his oars from that time to date. Professionally starting out in 1991 in a village called Kubun in the Upper East Region of Ghana, after practicing in Ghana for a while he moved to Nigeria for further studies into herbs from the Uncle. He has met up with various herbalists all over the world in conferences and brain storming sessions to improve on the delivery. He has help cure many ailments to the admiration of many in Ghana and abroad. He uses wild herbs and roots extract with medicinal contents. After practicing in Africa for years then came numerous calls from the USA for his services so therefore in 2016 he established the Iroko Holistic Center in the US. The black community and the Caucasian among others have really benefited from his service.

We hope our dear customers will appreciate efforts being put into making these products meet their needs.In 2017 Iroko Ghana opened to the delight of many at Nii Amon Kotey Street, Madina, Ghana.

Our Mission

Human body is like a motor vehicle that age with the passage of time and needs to be revitalized to make it function at its optimum best. That is why Iroko Holistic Center have done extensive research on wild Ancient herbs and roots with authentic solution to some of these health challenges as our body age.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people live in a natural way. We are very affordable.